Hot sale Mosit toilet Flushable wipes

Short Description:

1. Contains natural aloe essence to nourish tender skin.

2. The bacteriostatic rate was 90%,It has antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Product introduction

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1. Contains natural aloe essence to nourish tender skin.

2. The bacteriostatic rate was 90%,It has antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

3. The original wood pulp,Flushable paper towels, sanitation and worry -free.

4. Soft and thick, not easy to break, clean and comfortable like washing.

 Raw material spunlace non-woven(pearlet、plain),RO Pure water、EEDI ultrapure water
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Product size 120mm*140mm   155mm*200mm
140mm*150mm   170mm*180mm 200mm*240mm   150mm*200mm 200mm*150mm   
140mm*200mm 180mm*150mm   200mm*200mm 130mm*180mm   150mm*180mm
Packaging size 430*360*430mm
Packaging type 80pcs/bag(24bag/ctn)、70pcs/bag(24bag/ctn)、48pcs/bag(20bag/ctn)、40pcs/bag(48bag/ctn)、10pcs/bag(200bag/ctn)、12pcs/bag(150bag/ctn)、64pcs/bag(46bag/ctn),1100Ctns/20ft container,2300Ctns/40HQ
Delivery time 5-15days
Production capacity 5 million packs/month
MOQ 25000-100000bags

Quality Assurance

While cleansing and moisturizing the skin, it will not damage the natural weak acid protective layer

Authoritative certification, can pass FDA,MSDS,GMPC,BPA certification ,quality assurance

Good products can withstand authoritative quality inspections, so you can buy them with confidence and use them comfortably.


Suzhou Silk Road Cloud Trading Co., Ltd. belongs to Yibin Huimei Kangjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the registered capital is 120 million yuan,we have built a 8000m2 high-specification, standardized workshop, 100,000-grade GMPC clean workshop and professional supporting design.We have built the leading automatic wet wipes production line in China and Plant disinfection filling production line.In addition to conventional RO pure water technology and EDI reverse osmosis technology, the company has also developed a natural sterilization series product of pure plants, and the effective sterilization rate is as high as 99.999%, with a total of 19 national patents, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of disinfection. Huimei Kangjian Company will closely focus on the value goal of "healthy life new mentor", strive to create first-class products, first-class technological innovation and research and development ability, and return the clean, healthy and high-quality wet paper towel products to every consumer.



1. Professionally care, new experience of toileting
2. Wipe away bacteria, Clean and peace of mind


1. Comprehensive care without clogging the toilet
2. Choice of thousands of families


1. Weakly acidic PH value, care for sensitive skin
2. No harmful added mild no irritation


1. No harmful, no additives, no irritation
2. Say goodbye to butt worries


1. Wipe off 90% of bacteria.
2. During sensitive period, use it with peace of mind and care for the private skin


1. Disposable,No classification required
2. Multiple penetration technology extraction, Huimei development and strict control
3. Pureness than drinking water,safe for family use


1. Double-layer sealing, lock water is more particular
2. Easy one-handed flip cover design, lock the water stick when you stop using it, reduce external pollution, and firmly lock the moisture.


1. The thickness is moderate, and the texture is precise.
2. The long and short fibers are tightly combined, strong and resistant to pulling, compact and not chipping, highlighting the texture.

Production Process


Put the non-woven machine


Folding the wipe


Add pure water


Film packing


Automated metal and weight detection


Wipe stacking


Finished product transmission


Detect and encasement


Finished product storage

Product application

  • Mosit toilet  (2)
  • Mosit toilet  (3)
  • Mosit toilet  (1)