Laboratory introduction

Laboratory Introduction

Our company's laboratory is mainly divided into two parts: physical and chemical laboratory and microbiological laboratory. The testing instruments have reached the highest standards in the industry, meeting the testing needs of various quality indicators of sanitary products. At the same time, the company will also launch a plan to jointly build a "secondary biological laboratory" with well-known universities in Sichuan Province.

Physical and Chemical Laboratory
The physical and chemical laboratory is simple and exquisite in design, with a temperature control ventilation system, tap water and purified water supply, which can meet the environmental requirements required by various physical and chemical experiments.

Supporting testing equipment for physical and chemical laboratory:
1. Professional testing equipment for wet tissues: packaging tightness tester, ultraviolet fluorescence tester, non-woven water absorption tester


2. High-precision instruments: Thousand-digit electronic balance, ph tester, tensile strength tester


3. bath, stainless steel electric distiller, ultrasonic cleaning machine, horizontal decoloring shaker, various glass consumables, reagents, etc.


The microbiology laboratory has its own district

Only relevant personnel can enter, which is divided into microbiology room and positive control room.
From the outside to the inside, the micro-inspection area is the dressing room→the second dressing room→buffer room→clean room, and the logistics is realized by the transfer window. The entire plane layout can fully meet the requirements of relevant national regulations and laboratory use, making full use of the space, equipped with rooms with various functions in accordance with the experimental operation process, and the operation line is convenient and quick


In addition to solving the problem of air purification, the micro-inspection area also considers some necessary laboratory equipment when designing. Interlocking transfer window: to ensure the safety of laboratory logistics. There are ultraviolet lamps in the windows to disinfect contaminated items before taking them out of the laboratory. It also ensures the isolation of indoor and outdoor air, and facilitates the transfer of items by experimenters. It is equipped with a germicidal ultraviolet lamp to disinfect the laboratory.


The micro-inspection area is equipped with a dedicated sterilization room and a culture room. The sterilization room is equipped with 3 fully automatic high-pressure steam sterilizers to sterilize all experimental instruments and consumables at high temperature, effectively avoiding pollution and ensuring the accuracy of experimental results. It also ensures the reasonable and effective disposal of microbial experimental wastes, and avoids environmental pollution and harm to the human body from the wastes. The cultivation room is equipped with 3 constant temperature and humidity incubators, which meet the cultivation conditions of general bacteria and general microorganisms.


Microbiology laboratory supporting equipment: 1. Second-level biological safety cabinet 2. Clean workbench 3. Fully automatic high pressure steam sterilization pot 4. Constant temperature and humidity incubator 5. Ultra-low temperature refrigerator


Product sample room

In order to investigate the stability of product quality, trace the quality of products and raw materials, and provide physical basis for handling quality problems, there is also a special product sample room, and samples of the company’s products are retained one by one and batch by batch. And set up a corresponding sample registration ledger, which is managed by a dedicated person.


The main experimental projects currently opened in the laboratory
Physical and chemical experiments on dry and wet wipes of disposable sanitary products: pH value detection, tightness detection, migration fluorescence detection, non-woven water absorption detection, etc.


Microbiological test on dry and wet wipes of disposable sanitary products: product microbiological test, purified water microbial test, air microbial test, product sterilization and antibacterial test, etc.