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Suzhou Silk Road Cloud Trading Co., Ltd., affiliated to Yibin Huimei Kangjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., has a registered capital of 120 million yuan. It understands the global medical and health situation and actively responds to the requirements of the Sichuan Provincial Government to build a "provincial medical and health emergency industrial base" strategy . Relying on the high-end bio-based fibers of the state-owned Siliya Group, from non-woven fabrics to wet tissues, the "non-woven fabric characteristic medical and health whole industry chain project" has been built. Focus on the development, production and sales of wet and dry cotton soft towel series products.

million yuan

The company has a registered capital of 120 million yuan.

square meters

We have built 8,000 square meters of high-standard workshops.


We have built 100,000-level GMPC clean workshops .

Production Ability


We have built 8,000 square meters of high-standard, standardized workshops, 100,000-level GMPC clean workshops and professional supporting design, and has established physical and chemical laboratories and microbiological testing rooms to control product quality. The testing instruments have reached the highest standards in the industry and meet the requirements of various sanitary products. Quality index testing requirements.


Have a complete testing system to ensure stable product quality. In addition to the conventional RO water purification technology and EDI reverse osmosis technology, Huimei Health Company and Sanjiaoshan (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. rely on the comprehensive strength of the Institute of Medicinal Plants of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the domestic top core scientific research team to develop The pure plant natural sterilization series products are pure traditional Chinese medicine plant formula, oral non-toxic, and effective sterilization rate is as high as 99.999%.


With 19 national related patent technologies, it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of disinfection. At the same time, the camphor oil from Yibin's "oil camphor kingdom" is used in wet wipes and pure plant disinfectant. It has built a domestic leading fully automatic wet wipe production line and a plant disinfection filling production line, creating the first pure plant essential oil disinfection and sterilization wet wipe production line in Sichuan Province and a pure plant disinfection and disinfectant filling production line.


The company’s wet wipes production line introduced 9 advanced RF-WL100, WE-MF2 and other fully automatic intelligent equipment, a full set of filling lines introduced KPS-800, KPGS-4, KPQT-3 production lines, and compressed dry wipes production lines 2. One production line for cotton soft roll towels, both of which are leading domestic production lines, with a monthly production capacity of 4.75 million packs.

Our Advantage


The New Mentor Of Healthy Life

We closely focus on the value goal of "the new mentor of healthy life", using cotton soft and skin-friendly non-woven fabric as the main raw material, mainly producing oil camphor mosquito repellent refreshing series, baby care series, disinfection and antibacterial series, ladies makeup remover series, pets Series and other high-quality wet wipes. Strive to create first-class products, first-class technological innovation and research and development capabilities, and return clean, healthy, and high-quality wet tissue products to every consumer.


Company Laboratory

Our company's laboratory is mainly divided into two parts: physical and chemical laboratory and microbiological laboratory. The testing instruments have reached the highest standards in the industry, meeting the testing needs of various quality indicators of sanitary products. At the same time, the company will also launch a plan to jointly build a "secondary biological laboratory" with well-known universities in Sichuan Province.


Company Certificate

We have passed FDA and SGS,and ican pass certifications,such as EPA,MSDS.


Company Exhibition

So far, we have participated in many exhibitions