Our products are manual or automatic production packing?

Wet wipe from cutting to add ingredient to packing all by machine!

Compare with other wet wipe factory, what advantages we have?

We have 8000 m2 high specification and standardized workshop, 100,000-grade GMPC clean workshop and professional supporting design, our price and quality is more competitive!

How about your delivery time?

Generally, it will take 5-35days after receiving your deposit. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Could you send samples?

Free samples are available,but express charge is on your account.

Do you have a complete operation process?

Our operation is carried out in accordance with the 9S standardized operation process, and each production process has corresponding records, so the product production process can be traced.

Is the quality of your products stable?

Our products are very stable.Every product we produce must be inspected and qualified before mass production. During the production process, we use our own microbiology laboratory and physical and chemical laboratory to check the appearance, air tightness, weight, microorganisms, and other related indicators. Ensure stable product quality.

Does your wet wipes contain fluorescent agents?

There is no fluorescent agent in our products. Our physical and chemical laboratory has a special fluorescence detector, and the products will be tested during the production process.

How to ensure stable product weight?

Our wet wipes production equipment has fully automated metal detection and weight detection functions, and the product weight deviation is <1g㎡.

What kind of water do you use to produce wet wipes?

Our water production equipment uses RO reverse osmosis and EDI technology to ensure the quality of purified water.

What is the production environment of your wet wipes factory?

Our wet wipes factory has a 100,000-class clean workshop of 8,000 square meters, and the clean workshop maintains an air pressure of 10KPa higher than the outside; at the same time, we have professional sterilization equipment to maintain the cleanliness of the workshop. And regularly check the microorganisms in the workshop.

How to maintain air quality in clean workshops?

We have a medical-grade, constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning purification system, which effectively maintains the air quality in the workshop, and regularly conducts sampling inspections on the workshop air.

Can you design products for me alone?

We have a professional design team that can design satisfactory products according to your needs. We have already designed satisfactory products for many companies and individuals.

What about the expertise of your production staff?

Our production staff are all professionally trained and certified to work after passing the assessment. At the same time, personnel are regularly trained and assessed.

What is the sanitary condition of your production staff?

Our production staff will conduct regular physical examinations, and at the same time the personal hygiene and body temperature of the production staff will be tested every day; the microbiology laboratory will conduct microbiological testing on the production hands regularly; At the same time, the production staff will be regularly psychologically evaluated.

Will your production staff touch the products in the clean room?

Before entering the clean room, our production staff will clean and sterilize according to the professional requirements for the clean room, and enter the clean workshop after wearing the specifications. At the same time, our equipment is fully automated. During the production process, staff will not directly touch the product,so as to ensure stable product quality.