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1.Natural cellulose fiber wipes, clean and moisturizing, non-allergic and non-irritating)

2.reak the tradition, innovate research and development, start a new trend of moisturizing wipes.

 Raw material spunlace non-woven(pearlet、plain),RO Pure water、EDI ultrapure water

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Product size 120mm*140mm   155mm*200mm
140mm*150mm   170mm*180mm 200mm*240mm   150mm*200mm 200mm*150mm   140mm*200mm 180mm*150mm   200mm*200mm 130mm*180mm   150mm*180mm
Packaging size 430*360*430mm
Packaging type 80pcs/bag(24bag/ctn)、70pcs/bag(24bag/ctn)、48pcs/bag(20bag/ctn)、40pcs/bag(48bag/ctn)、10pcs/bag(200bag/ctn)、12pcs/bag(150bag/ctn)、64pcs/bag(46bag/ctn),1100Ctns/20ft container,2300Ctns/40HQ
Delivery time 5-15days
Production capacity 5 million packs/month
MOQ 25000-100000bags

1.Natural cellulose fiber wipes, clean and moisturizing, non-allergic and non-irritating

2.reak the tradition, innovate research and development, start a new trend of moisturizing wipes.

Eco-environmental protection, cellulose fiber--a gift from nature, care for delicate skin

Efficient cleaning,not easy to fall off,pearl pattern,moisturize

1 (1)

1.Specially added plant xylitol, vitamin E and grains, milk extract

2.Synchronized skin care, multi-purpose in one towel

3.plant xylitolMaintain oral and acid-base balance

   vitamin EMake the skin more elastic

  grains/milk extract:Continuously moisturizing without irritation)


1.While cleansing and moisturizing the skin, it will not damage the natural weak acid protective layer


1.enlarge and thicken, clean more comprehensively

2.More comfortable and convenient to use, just right moisture content

3.Balance the effect of decontamination and preservation


1.Flexible and elastic, not easy to fall off and not easy to puncture

2.Cellulose wipes are dust-free and no fiber will fall off during use, ensuring the comfort of wiping


1.Wipe the fruit, wrap the food and wipe the fruit

2.Tableware/pacifiers, clean and not lint-off, clean and tidy

3.Water stains/oil stains, absorb water and lock oil in one second, and wipe it out immediately


1.EDI pure water has evolved through 7 times of high penetration.

2.EDI pure water extracted by permeation technology is far more pure than pure water and can be consumed directly

1 (1)

1.Non-allergic formula, safe growth.

2.Add one less, more peace of mind. Thousands of choices for families.


1.Authoritative certification, can pass FDA,MSDS,GMPC,BPA certification ,quality assurance

2.Good products can withstand authoritative quality inspections, so you can buy them with confidence and use them comfortably.

Production Process


Put the non-woven machine


Folding the wipe


Add pure water


Film packing


Automated metal and weight detection


Wipe stacking


Finished product transmission


Detect and encasement


Finished product storage

When purchasing, we must distinguish between high-quality and inferior wet wipes. High-quality wet wipes will have a soft and elegant fragrance without any pungent odor, while inferior wet wipes have a clear pungent odor, and you need to pay attention to the wet wipe packaging. The product information is detailed. It is best not to buy wet wipes with alcohol. If it is a baby wipe, you must read the ingredient description. The baby wipes are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating, and non-fluorescent. Generally speaking, non-woven fabrics are mostly used for high-quality wet wipes, with vertical and horizontal netting spunlace non-woven fabrics being the best. The texture is soft and white, and the hand feels compact and thick. Inferior wet wipes are thin and easily deformed. In use, high-quality wet wipes will not fluff, and inferior wet wipes will have obvious fluffing, which can stimulate the skin.

The tightness of the package must be good, and there must be no damage, air leakage, liquid leakage, etc. It is best to buy wet wipes with a seal on the package. It should be noted that disinfection wipes have a certain shelf life. After the shelf life, the sterilization and disinfection ingredients will be reduced. Therefore, before using the wipes, check whether the wet wipes are within the shelf life. At the same time, note that the wet wipes purchased must be approved by the health department. If these conditions are met, the wipes you buy can be foolproof.

Finally, you should pay attention to the functional positioning of wet tissue paper when purchasing. Generally, it is divided into two types: ordinary type and sterilization type. The ordinary type refers to the cleaning effect, and the latter has a strong sterilization effect. They can complete the cleansing of skin and object surface, working area and skin surface. It has 99.9% bactericidal effect on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

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