toilet wipes

According to the Irish Water Company, diapers, wet tissues, cigarettes and toilet paper tubes are just some of the items that are flushed into toilets and cause sewers across the country to block.
Ireland’s water resources and clean coast are urging the public to “think before flushing” because flushing plastic and fabric into toilets can have an impact on the environment.
According to Tom Cuddy, the head of Irish water assets operations, the consequence is that a large number of sewers are blocked, some of which may cause overflow and overflow into rivers and coastal waters in wet weather.
He said in RTÉ’s Irish Morning News: “There are only three Ps that should flush into the toilet-pee, poop and paper”.
Mr. Cuddy also warned that dental floss and hair should not be flushed into the toilet, as they will eventually damage the environment.
Recent research conducted by the Irish Water Company shows that one in four people flushes things that should not be used in the toilet, including wipes, masks, cotton swabs, hygiene products, food, hair and plasters.
The Irish Water Company stated that on average, 60 tons of wet wipes and other items are removed from the screens of the Ringsend wastewater treatment plant every month, which is equivalent to five double-decker buses.
At the sewage treatment plant of the utility company on Mutton Island, Galway, approximately 100 tons of these items are removed every year.
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Post time: Sep-15-2021