“Teen Mom 2″ Kailin Lowry provides terrible and harmful advice

Although this may not be intentional, “Teen Mom” ​​star Kailyn Lowry (Kailyn Lowry) gave terrible and harmful advice on her Instagram. Fortunately, for the person asking the question, it seems that knowledgeable people will step in and give the correct answer. Read on to learn about the scary and harmful content that Kailyn suggests.
Like many “teen moms” stars, Kailyn Lowry (Kailyn Lowry) often promotes products on her Instagram. Sometimes they are hers, such as her CBD hair care series, Pothead Hair Care, or in the past, she really promoted Scentsy. Now, she is promoting a new sponsored product with the help of her son.
For this paid partnership, Kailyn praised Dude Wipes. For a series of photos featuring Isaac and Lincoln, she wrote a lengthy title. She first expressed her love for Dude Wipes. “My kids and I like @dudewipes very much!”
On the surface, their admiration is well-founded. Kailyn continues to share why she likes Dude Wipes. “They are very convenient for school and sports, as you can think of.” Kailyn seems to be sold too, because they are “available at retailers across the country.” She let her fans know that she got it from Target.
Fans in the comments section also shared how much they love Dude wipes. However, Kailin may not be as educated as she should be about the products she recognizes. A fan just asked “Can flush?” Kailin eagerly replied: “Yes, mom.”
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some knowledgeable followers shared that these wipes may not be flushed in the toilet. Some comments are as follows.
Some people claim to be plumbers and even make long comments. Summarizing his comments, he said: “Under no circumstances, life or death, do not rinse any type of wipes.”
At the time of writing, Kailyn has not yet responded to this series of comments. However, this is more likely to be an honest mistake. According to Dupe Products, “DUDE Wipes has passed the INDA GD4 international flushability standard certification for flushability.”
What do you think of Kailin Lowry and her terrible and harmful advice? Do you think this is just an honest mistake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Be sure to return to the TV show Ace to get more news about teenage moms.
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Post time: Aug-23-2021