Sarah Michelle Gellar reviews “All My Children”, “Buffy’s Legacy”, etc.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is known for her role in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. She said of her work in the soap opera “My Children”-she played Ken from 1993 to 1995. Del Hart, returning in 2011-is “the training ground for other people in my career.”
“At that time I made incredible friends, I learned incredible work habits, soap opera is a heavy job, and I am very grateful to the people I met during that time,” she told TV while promoting her partnership Insider cooperated with Lysol to use the brand’s disinfection wipes “Buy one, donate one” program. “We are now living in a world where my children don’t even know what soap operas are, so I can do anything to continue my proud legacy.”
Gellar also fondly recalled her experience in the comedy “Crazy Man” (“It is fortunate to work with Robin Williams is today’s dream come true, and we are all still talking”) and the Big Bang Theory. Appeared as an unexpected guest star in the series ending.
“I got the call and they said,’You gag that often appeared on the show, would you help us to end it?’ I thought,’Gosh,’” Gellar recalled. “I like that actor and we had a great time. I am honored to be one of them and to be part of the legacy of such an incredible performance.”
Of course, her role as Buffy has become an important part of the TV heritage, a show and character that people are still talking about today (with a love triangle, Angel with David Boreanaz and Spike with James Marsters). “In the final analysis, as an actor, you want to be a part of things that keep pace with the times,” she said. “And I think we are all honored that this show still has meaning for everyone, and it is still relevant.”
Now Gellar continues to work with Lysol, which is what she has been doing since 2019. healthy. In 2019, if you give me a crystal ball, I will not foresee what this will mean to me in 2020,” she said. Through “Buy One Get One Free”, every pack of disinfectant wipes purchased will be donated. To schools in need.
“We are now living in a world that needs to protect the most vulnerable people. For me, the most vulnerable in my life is my children. They are now returning to school, and they are very uncertain about having a company like Lysol. Not only can the product protect them, but it can also use extra miles to provide services to those who cannot provide them,” she continued. “After a year without school, these children need to be there and have health-promoting products like this. I think it is invaluable.”

Post time: Sep-08-2021