How to bath your cat without getting hurt in the process

It happened very quickly. I was painting the family room when the cat walked awkwardly into the paint tray and painted his paws and legs with Benjamin Moore’s snow white. The cat seemed as shocked by his gaffe as I was, and in his shock, I managed to catch him, and then he left a snowy footprint on the floor. Once I mastered it, I realized that there was only one thing to do: I had to bath the cat.
Cats are usually neat and clean themselves, so most cat owners never need to bathe their feline friends. of course there are exceptions. Daily Paws points out that hairless breeds like Sphinx, long-haired breeds like Maine Coon and Persian, as well as older cats that may not be able to clean themselves regularly, may need to take a bath every few months or so. . In other words, if each cat steps on dirt such as paint or potentially harmful substances such as antifreeze, gasoline or motor oil, it needs to be removed immediately before the cat tries to clean it on its own. Although cat wipes (feline version of baby wipes) or towels and warm water can do a lot, if neither of these two methods solve the problem, you may need to take a full bath.
Bathing a cat is not an easy task. Cats usually hate water and have claws and fangs to express their opinions. As a result, cat baths are usually neither easy nor fun for anyone involved. (My cat left a puncture wound on my arm, thank him for saving him from licking the paint on his paws.) That’s why, in my opinion, this is an activity best reserved for professionals . But if you must bathe your cat, here are some basic rules, via Daily Paws:
Before bringing the cat in, fill the sink or bathtub with a few inches of warm water, as the sound of running water will panic them.
Keep all bath products within reach, including non-breakable cups for rinsing cats, as well as cat shampoo and creams. Cream rinsing is important because shampoo alone may remove natural oils from cat hair and dry the skin.
Once you have a cat, moisten the dirty parts of the cat, then lather with shampoo, wash only the parts you need, and then rinse thoroughly. Use towels around the face and ears.
Dry the towel as much as possible. Then, a brush or comb removes any loose hair, so that the cat will have less hair during the self-grooming process.
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