DIY reusable disinfecting wipes will save you money and reduce waste

When you thoroughly clean your home, disinfectant wipes will come in handy. But they can also be very wasteful.
If you have roommates or children, there may be no shortage of mess. Picking up disinfectant wipes is a great way to quickly clean up spills or disinfect kitchen surfaces. However, it is easy to overuse the product, which is not completely environmentally friendly (wipes are not compostable) or economical.
Phoebe Zaslav at The Know has the perfect solution. These four-component reusable disinfectant wipes are life-saving straws.
“Let’s talk about disinfecting wipes,” Phoebe said. “They are usually a bucket of wipes for about 75 yuan. If you live with a lot of roommates, such as me, this bucket may last about a week. That’s a lot of wasted wipes!”
“It is so important, in fact, it is absolutely necessary, the rubbing alcohol you use is 70% or higher,” Phoebe added. “Anything below 70% is ineffective and will not kill bacteria like disinfectant wipes.”
1. First, determine the size of the rag you want. If you want a smaller towel, you can cut the towel in half.
4. Next, pour the cleaning solution into the jar above the bath towel. Put the lid on and you’re done!
“The best part of this DIY is that it is an existential hacker,” Phoebe said. “Once you have used up all the cloths, you can throw [them] in the washing machine and reformulate your cleaning mixture, starting over every time.”
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Post time: Aug-30-2021