44 clever products that can immediately make things less disgusting

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Is there anything in the house that you have been trying to ignore? Maybe the cat did it. Or it happened before you moved in. I also have one or two places like this. There was a black mold under the window, dirty mud in the bathroom downstairs, and a smell I didn’t want to discuss. It came from a place I didn’t dare to look at. However, I have pretended that these things have not happened. They all have simple repair methods. (Right?) And you know who has tried all the fixes and knows which ones work? Amazon reviewer. They pointed me to 44 smart products that can immediately make things less disgusting.
I turn to people who have overcome the stubborn smell and are alive to talk about it. They are coming—to be honest, sometimes there are a lot of details; I can’t ignore some of them—and I now know how to deal with every bad thing that happens in refrigerators, bathrooms, kitchens, cars, and carpets. If there is a smell that you can’t stand, a stain that makes you angry, or a mess that keeps repeating in the car, there is a solution. continue reading.
Install TubShroom and say goodbye to standing water or hair on the shower or bathtub floor. Its mushroom-shaped design traps the hair under the pop-up top, you can’t see it. All you have to do is to pull it up regularly for cleaning.
If you sniff in the kitchen and want to know where the suspicious smell comes from, then your garbage disposal may be the culprit. Pour one of the bags of blue foam cleaner into it, then open it to activate the foam, thereby scrubbing the garbage disposer into the drain and sink to remove the odor-and the serious garbage that caused it.
How do you eliminate the smell of trash cans, trash cans, closets where sports equipment are stored, or cars? These deodorant packs can be neatly packed into plastic boxes, and you can stick them anywhere. Install it in a trash can, closet, cabinet or car, and change the pouch every once in a while, it will remove the odor effortlessly.
The kind of mold that makes the shower curtain slippery and dirty? Mold on the bottom of the curtains? This will not happen with this shower curtain lining, because polyethylene vinyl acetate is impermeable to liquids, so water will not accumulate and cause mold and mildew. Hang it up and forget what happened.
Leaving a large area of ​​counter space for dishwashers that accumulate wet mold is not the only way. Unfold this dishwasher on a part of the sink, and when your dishes or products are dry, the water will flow directly into the drain. The rubber handle fixes the metal tube where you want, and the utensil cup doubles as a small colander. When you want the sink to come back, it can all be stored in the drawer.
Soap is a cute thing, but it can make a mess on the counter, and many soap dishes will soon be filled with a sticky soap film. But this ingenious design allows the soapy water to flow into the sink, so the soap dries and the scum will not occur. These three soap dishes are also silicone, so you can occasionally put them in the dishwasher.
No matter how many times you step on the wet shower mat, it will not collect water and form a wet place that needs to be cleaned. The water droplets pass through the waterproof bamboo slats and evaporate. The gripping feet at the bottom of the mat ensure that it never slips under your body.
How clean is the shaver in the sink? Where do you hang the wet towel? These hooks can be attached to the wall of the shower room, so you can hang things, such as razors or loofah, so everything will drip dry.
What happens if someone dumps half-full of soda into the makeshift garbage bag in your car? You don’t want to clean it up. This waterproof product can be hung on the seat back, sitting on the floor or suspended from the console, and it can handle anything that anyone puts in it. In addition, it also has a storage bag for wet wipes, paper towels or other sundries, and the lid keeps the trash in it until you empty it.
No one likes to clean the oven, right? Prevention is the way to avoid this. These oven linings allow you to cook messy lasagna or roast beef without having to remove a pool of cheese or grease from the bottom of the oven. Just place one of these two liners on the shelf under the item that may leak. After cooking, just put the dirty liner in the dishwasher.
Use these soft covers to cover the most frequently touched handles to prevent fingerprints from ruining the clean appearance of the kitchen. These soft covers provide popular colors and a surface that absorbs fingerprints and dirt. They feel soft on your hands, and you can throw them into the washing machine when cleaning the kitchen to quickly rejuvenate.
When the dog is playing on the beach or in the mud, putting those dirty paws back in the car or house may cause you to spend hours cleaning up. Or, you can teach that puppy likes to have a quick pedicure in this paw washing machine. It is lined with soft silicone bristles, so when you fill it with water and dip those dirty claws in it, it can thoroughly clean the top and bottom. Then, just empty the dirty water and continue.
If your feet get wet or sweaty while working, please put them on this boot dryer when you get home. It quietly sends warm, dry air into them to dry them. In this way, when you have to go back to work, they work like bones and can be worn at any time. It prevents odors, and your feet do not have to endure being tied in a pair of damp boots at the beginning of the day.
Throw these wooden rings in your shoes, hang them in the closet, or put them in a drawer or suitcase, everything will be very fresh. These raw cedar rings smell very good in our human senses, but bugs-moths, ants, bed bugs, etc.-hate the smell and will not come near anything that smells like cedar. It is non-toxic, simple, and pleasantly scented. How could you go wrong?
If there is a corner of a chair or sofa that is often forbidden to use because the cat or dog has covered it with a layer of fur, then this hair removal brush is a quick solution for recycling it. Rub back and forth in that place hard, it will grab all the hair and store it in the top chamber. Open it and clean it up when finished. Then, enjoy sitting in that position again.
You don’t have to touch the top of the pump that everyone has touched with dirty hands to keep your hands clean. Just fill this non-contact soap dispenser with your favorite hand sanitizer and wave your hand under the spout. It feels you are there, and then drops a bar of soap on your hand. It is battery-powered, can hold 17 ounces, and received 19,000 five-star ratings.
Use these colorful shelf cushions to transform the interior of the refrigerator from monochromatic chaos to colorful order. They create a soft landing for cans or produce, look great, and if something spills, they are very easy to clean-just pull it out and rinse it off. You can tailor them to fit your shelf, create a color coding system or just appreciate the appearance.
This pop-up container with screen cleaning wipes and the included microfiber cloth is the solution you’ve been looking for to remove dust and fingerprints from touch screens and TV screens. Just wipe the screen with a rag, and then wipe it again with microfiber to get a brand new screen. The dispenser bathtub makes them easy to keep on hand.
Dust removal and irritating cracks may be something you would rather give up doing, but playing with the lemon-flavored slimy gel? It’s interesting. Squeeze the gel cleaner into the vents and crevices of your keyboard or car, and you will forget what it does until you see everything so clean and fresh. You can continue to use it until it changes color.
When you put the earplugs in your ears, they will get earwax, and the earwax will enter the small holes in the earplugs…you know what’s going on. This 24-piece putty cube allows you to clean them without effort or a magnifying glass: press the earplugs into these putty cubes and pull them apart. The sticky substance stays in the putty, keeping your earplugs clean.
When you wash your clothes, you don’t want the machine where you put your clothes to emit an unpleasant smell. These pills are how you clean the laundry machine. Just put one of the slowly-dissolving blister tablets in and empty. It not only refreshes the machine, but also gets under the accumulated dirt and breaks it down, thereby washing it away and making the washing machine smell clean.
The new car smells great. But “it smells like a wet dog”? The solution is simple. Just fill this cute diffuser with water and a few drops of essential oil of your choice, then click the button at the top to fill the air with a fresh smell. It is powered by USB and emits one of seven lovely colors.
If you can’t accept the idea that the brush dipped in the toilet is just hanging in the bathroom, this wand, mat and caddy are the solutions. Stack the mats into the caddy, then push the wand onto one of the mats. Clean the toilet-the mat is full of Clorox cleaner-and they press the button on the wand to release the mat into the trash can. It comes with 16 refills.
Before it happens to you, it’s hard to imagine a smell so pungent that no matter how hard you clean it, it will stick to your refrigerator like a stubborn cloud. However, thousands of people who told stories about the smell of refrigerators in the comments have provided guarantees for this magical deodorant. Just put it in the refrigerator and wait. That smell, no matter what it is, will soon disappear.
Install this toothpaste dispenser to the wall of the bathroom using the adhesive backing provided, stick the toothpaste on the top, and insert the brush into the front opening. Watching this thing finish all the toothpaste squeezing and dispensing-without any confusion. There is no more paste on fingers, counters and clothes. It comes in three colors, can be glued to any wall, and remove an annoying task from your day.
Whether your confusion is caused by a kid holding a crayon, a greasy burger fiasco on the stove, people’s years of kicking kickboards with their shoes, or anything else, this magic sponge will make it out. Just scrub with one of the 10 sponges in this package, just like the 19,000 people who gave them five stars, and you will be surprised.
Put your phone, earplugs, wallet, keys, or any other items that fit into this box and press the button. It bathes the interior in ultraviolet light, which can kill bacteria, even those hidden in tiny crevices or on surfaces that cannot be wiped. It is also a wireless charger, so your phone and other devices will be charged when they are placed there.
This huge laundry basket puts all your clothes for a week in a neat place, and the perforated sides allow air to enter, so that these clothes will not turn into a depressing smelly pile before laundry day. The lid fits firmly to prevent pets from entering, and the cut-out handle is easy to carry.
These strange Swedish rags look like a combination of a cloth and sponge, creating perfect, super absorbent tools for washing dishes, wiping counters and cleaning bathrooms. They are non-linting, elastic, absorb like a sponge, and dry very quickly, so you won’t smell the smell of old sponges. Critics liked them and gave them more than 26,000 five-star reviews.
All sorts of nasty things wander around in the air, making people sick and producing peculiar smells, but this portable air purifier can purify these things. It allows the air near you to be cleaned through HEPA and carbon filters. Weighing less than a pound, it is perfect to take on a plane, office or car.
You will use this microfiber mop with four mop pads to clean hard floors because it is very simple. Use a plush pad to clean up pet fur, traced dirt, and anything you’ve ever scratched with a broom. When dirty things need to be wiped wet, use a short lint pad with some water and detergent. When finished, throw the reusable sanitary napkins into the washing machine.
Replace the existing cap on toothpaste or ointment with one of these three cleverly designed replacement caps, and you can always accurately distribute the exact amount of product where you want it without causing any confusion. The lid will automatically close, preventing you from losing the product in the entire sink, on your hands, or anywhere you don’t want it.
If you have pets, teenagers, children, or a kitchen without industrial-strength ventilation, the smell will be trapped in the house. The effect of covering them with candles or spray scents is simple, but this deodorant gel is easier to use. More importantly, it can neutralize rather than mask the smell, just open the jar once and place it near the source of the smell.
These four plastic spatulas are the perfect tool to remove the cooked viscous material on the cast iron pan without removing the seasoned noodles you have worked so hard to obtain. There are a few edges to fit all the corners of any pan you have, and critics also use them to clean up the counter and remove the slimy batter from the bowl.
Drosophila invasion is a serious annoyance, but there is no reason to give up healthy fruit habits. Just place one of the apples in your fruit bowl-filled with the bait that comes with it-the flies will attack it instead of your banana and die in the process. Put one near the trash can, and you will soon get rid of the fruit fly problem. More than 14,000 people said they did a great job and gave them five stars.
When your mayonnaise drops to the bottom or your conditioner is almost empty, you have to stand there and shake the bottle while your sandwich is about to be eaten, or the hot water is almost running out. Frankly speaking, this is irritating. Unscrew the cap on that bottle, replace it with one of these flip-top caps, and turn the bottle upside down. When you use it again, the bottle will be ready and ready for delivery.
When was the last time you took out the slide-in oven and cleared all spills dripping from the sides? With this furnace gap cover, you don’t have to do this again, it can prevent the mess of dripping in the first place. Just cut it to the right place, snap it into place, and it won’t slip off between the counter and the oven.
If your kids, dogs, or even you tend to spill things on the sofa, please cover it with this simple and cheap lid and don’t worry. It is a single piece that can be tucked into the cushion and back strap to ensure a firm fit. And it can be machine washed.
When you have one or three water bottles and the children have straw cups and a series of storage tanks, you need this set of five sizes of brushes to clean everything. The small one goes into the straw area, the middle one can handle each opening size, and the big one goes directly to the bottom of the jar and wipes everything clean.
Based on nearly 65,000 five-star reviews, this spray to remove stains and odors is exactly what you need when your pet vomits or urinates on the carpet. Spray the enzyme preparation, let it sit for a while, and then blot it dry or let it air dry. That smell—you know that—will disappear so much that pets won’t be able to find it again to mark their location.
These two microfiber bath towels are rolled up small enough to fit in your gym bag, beach bag or suitcase, but they have a very large amount of water and will not let you drip when you want to dry them. They can be opened to a huge space of 30 x 60 inches, so you can wrap them up. And they dry very quickly. This perfect travel towel comes in 34 colors.
Fill the steamer with water, point it at the moldy and dirty place you don’t want to clean, then pull the trigger. It is sprayed with hot steam, which does not contain chemicals, but is very effective in cleaning. Nearly 8,000 five-star reviewers used it for everything from cleaning and grout to microwave ovens and liked it.
Instead of putting your fruits and vegetables in drawers, you will soon forget them, but store them in these agricultural produce preservation containers, which are stacked on the shelves, where you can see them. They are equipped with a drip tray, so your lettuce will not stay in the puddle, and the ventilation holes on the lid prevent the produce from becoming too dry.
The handle of this dishwashing brush is full of soap, so you don’t need to put a soap bottle next to the sink, which is not even its best function. When washing, you don’t have to rely on gravity to send soap to the brush, but press a button, even if the handle is almost empty, it will use air pressure to push the soap onto the bristles. You will like the holder with a built-in drain, and you can place the brush next to the sink for easy drying.

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