11 Life Hack products you will love, all from independent brands

See, it’s not lazy to want to make life easier. On the one hand, I am always looking for small things that can eliminate any small setbacks that may occur in the day. For compatriots who like to relax, I have good news: I have compiled a list of 11 life tips. The product will provide solutions to problems you don’t even know you are experiencing.
We now have a lot of things to do; sometimes, we simply don’t have time to deal with small things—such as waiting in line for a shower at the gym, or browsing the dozens of skin care products on the dressing table while looking for a specific serum.
So, after your workout, why not try to use antibacterial body wipes for instant refreshment? For your messy dressing table: an organized (and super cute) litter box that can hold all your skin and hair.
After all, aren’t we all trying to minimize tension and maximize our time to deal with the real important things in life? So please stay calm and keep reading to buy these 11 essential life tips products. Most importantly, they are all from independent brands-so these are all purchases you can feel good about.
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Whether you plan to do WFH forever or return to the office soon, this tortoiseshell light chain is a chic solution that allows you to smooth our glasses throughout the day from laptop to coffee and back. Wear glasses for transition.
Although not exactly a revolutionary life technique, I like to relieve the stress of the day by flicking a lighter. This gorgeous candle is made by Harlem Candle Co., a BIPOC company, and is inspired by the underground bars of the past few decades. Think about it: vanilla, palo Santo, bourbon, tobacco and plum. I can almost hear the clinging glasses from here.
Everyone’s body is different. When it comes to cultivating your own body, you should fully understand it. This DNA test can help you discover which micronutrients your body really needs (and which ones are really not needed). As far as personal health is concerned, knowledge is power.
…Once you figure out what your body desires, you can store vitamins to meet those needs. These multivitamins allow you to easily get a variety of nutrients in one bite-in addition, they are super delicious, with a variety of flavors such as cocoa, mint and lemon.
To make it easier for you to brush your teeth, I showed you this toothpaste set, which contains three vitamin-rich toothpastes that can whiten teeth, prevent sensitivity, prevent tooth decay and remineralize tooth enamel. All of these are packed in a waterproof dopp kit, which is very travel-friendly.
If your dressing table is packed with essence, hair care products and cosmetics, you can use this dressing table vase to manage the disaster area on the dressing table. They will provide you with a designated place to store all your nails, hair and facial products, thus saving time in the morning.
If you can safely entertain vaccinated friends, please use this delicious and unique flavor aioli and olive sauce condiment sampler set to make your dinner as easy as possible. You will soon be ready for guests-even those who arrive early.
Your serum will no longer be spilled in your suitcase: this hair care serum is packaged in a unique capsule that instantly injects the moisturizing potion that your thirsty hair drinks.
No time to take a bath? There is no judgment here. These face and body wipes have antibacterial and moisturizing properties that moisturize the skin while removing dirt and oil, leaving you feeling cleaner in a few seconds. They are perfect for your gym bag or the beach.
I’m pretty sure you have ditched the plastic straws by now (right?), but this reusable straw set comes with three metal straws-in a cool little tote bag, quite a few-so you will never be without. In addition, the included cleaning tools make cleaning them a breeze.
If your time is so tight that you don’t even have a few minutes for a cup of coffee, first of all, I’m sorry. Secondly, why don’t you grab these beautiful little mints? In addition to fresh breath, they also provide a certain dose of natural caffeine, L-theanine and B vitamins to keep you energetic and help you focus on all other tasks throughout the day. good luck!

Post time: Aug-31-2021