Reckitt launches Dettol® Pro solution to help Australian companies protect people outside their homes

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dettol’s Hygienic wipes manufacturer Reckitt officially introduced Dettol Pro Solutions to Australia, a B2B Hygienic wipes product that helps companies of all forms and sizes protect customers and employees from Bacteria spread.
Following Australia’s initial reopening of international borders to citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members after a 20-month overseas travel ban, the launch of Dettol Pro Solutions was launched shortly after Melbourne and Sydney got rid of long-term restrictions. Lock-up period. Although each state and territory has different experiences, as Australians adapt to the new normal, the country is on high alert. Therefore, as employees and customers demand higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness inside and outside the home, companies will do their part. Among Australian consumers, 78%1 are still worried about bacteria. However, research shows that 85% of overseas companies believe that having appropriate cleaning and disinfection products and processes is one of their most important job responsibilities, but 70% of companies do not have any specific expertise in this field. 2
Dettol Pro Solutions meets these needs by empowering companies from all walks of life to adopt appropriate hygiene measures to protect their employees and customers. It draws on Reckitt’s long-standing rigor and expertise. The plan includes targeted cleaning protocols for high-traffic, frequent contact areas, hygiene-centric information transmission, and hand Hygienic wipes solutions. Dettol Pro Solutions partners can use the same trusted Dettol products, such as Dettol hand sanitizer, which kills 99.99% of bacteria. Other disinfection products offered through Dettol Pro Solutions include the disinfectant biodegradable wipes (AUST L 356611) listed in ARTG, Dettol multi-purpose biodegradable wipes (AUST L 356710) and Dettol multi-purpose trigger (AUST L 368890).
Dettol Pro Solutions Hygienic wipes has provided successful programs for some of Australia’s most iconic organizations. Its partners include Cricket Australia, MCG, Hilton Hotel and Sydney Opera House, as well as a shopping mall operated by the Australian real estate group Mirvac, where Dettol bacteria protection products and hygiene education signs have been installed to help stop the spread of bacteria. It is worth noting that if they use Dettol, 68% of Australians are more likely to have confidence in the company’s hygiene standards, and this percentage has increased among those who are “hygiene-oriented” when making the decision to visit the company To 81%. 3
Rahul Kadyan, Executive Vice President of Reckitt’s New Growth Platform, said: “After launching influential Hygienic wipes products in the United States and the United Kingdom, we are proud to bring Dettol Pro Solutions to the Australian market. We recognize that there is a growing need for consumers to resume work. Confidence in places and travel, hotels and leisure spaces, working with reputable partners to help improve the sanitation in their respective industries is really great. We will use our expertise in four key areas: tailored for the business Customized training and protocols; effective products that help kill bacteria; innovative global logistics and services; and use our brand power to help companies clearly communicate the measures they are taking to help their spaces and teams stay clean and hygienic .”
When formulating targeted cleaning and disinfection measures, Dettol Pro Solutions will consider how customers move and interact in a space, and focus on bacterial hot spots in these locations. It will then develop enhanced protocols and provide training on when, how, and what products to use for cleaning and disinfection.
“For generations of Australians, Dettol has been entrusted to help provide protection against bacteria in the home,” said David Rankine, Regional Director of Reckitt Health Australia and New Zealand. “With Dettol Pro Solutions, we are able to continue this commitment and accompany them to accompany them in their daily lives during one of the most difficult times in modern history.”
The new Hygienic wipes market announcement was made after Lysol Pro Solutions had a considerable positive impact in the United States and the successful launch of Dettol Pro Solutions in the United Kingdom. As the official health partner of COP26, the program’s protocols and products help more than 25,000 delegates protect themselves from the spread of bacteria during their participation in the Global Climate Change Conference.
The mission of Reckitt Hygienic wipes * is to protect, heal and nurture a cleaner and healthier world. We strive to make access to the highest quality of hygiene, health and nutrition a right of everyone, not a privilege. Reckitt is proud to have a stable and trusted home furnishing brand in households in more than 190 countries. These include Enfamil, Nutramigen, Nurofen, Strepsils, Gaviscon, Mucinex, Durex, Scholl, Cleasil, Lysol, Dettol, Veet, Harpic, Cillit Bang, Mortein, Finish, Vanish, Calgon, Woolite, Air Wick, etc. Global consumers buy 20 million Reckitt products every day.
Reckitt’s enthusiasm puts consumers and people first, seeks new opportunities, pursues excellence in everything we do, and succeeds together with all partners, while doing the right thing, always guides us 40,000 + diversity around the world And talented colleagues. For more information, please visit www.reckitt.​​com.
Reckitt’s Dettol Pro Solutions leverages the power of the same trusted Dettol products to help protect businesses and public places from the spread of bacteria. In today’s world, consumers have higher and higher expectations for hygiene, which makes bacterial protection more important than ever. Dettol Pro Solutions’ comprehensive approach includes agreements and training, Dettol and Dettol brand marketing materials and signs. Dettol Pro Solutions enables companies to demonstrate to their employees and customers a commitment to provide trusted standards of protection.
1 Reckitt Toluna Tracker, Wave 16 (6/7/2021-6/13/2021) 2 B2B SME U&A study, December 2020 3 Kantar, September 2020. In a study prepared by Reckitt for Dettol to understand the mentality of Australian consumers and the role of Dettol during COVID-19, n=1007 4 Reckitt survey, the United States through AskSuzy in March 2021, n=500 5 When used as directed 6
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Dettol Pro Solutions is Reckitt’s B2B program that helps businesses of all forms and sizes protect customers and employees from the spread of bacteria.
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Post time: Dec-12-2021