Are home disinfection wipes convenient?

While everyone is still disinfecting with disinfectant, I have actually used disinfectant wipes that do not hurt the skin. You know, using the disinfectant in the past few years, I felt that the whole person was exhausted, and I had to add water, wear gloves, and even have a smell. After using it, I had to wipe it again.

Disinfecting wipes are very powerful. At the same time, the micro-foam disinfection is easy to dry and does not require water, which greatly reduces the trouble of walking around to find water. So for convenience, I always use Western nurse disinfectant wipes for children’s toys to disinfect and clean the surface of the toys in one step. Of course, there are many uses for disinfecting wipes when it comes to household cleaning.

Disinfection of the home environment, use disinfectant wipes, no need to strictly follow any comparison, wipe the household items, and then let it dry naturally, no need to wash it again with water.

This ratio is suitable for home furniture, appliances, appliances, tables, tea cups, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

The kitchen, stove, and dining table are the places closest to the mouth and the easiest place to accumulate dirt in the home. Daily cleaning of oily dirt is a must. Wipe it every time after cooking, it is easy to keep it clean, but once it accumulates thick The oil stains are time-consuming to clean. The frequency of disinfection in the kitchen, I personally think that half a month is more appropriate. More importantly, the wet wipes also have a decontamination function, and the effect is very good, especially in the oily kitchen, it will be clean after wiping with the wet wipes.

Finally, after disinfecting the whole house, wipe your hands with a wet towel, and the work is done, and the disinfecting wipes make me feel that the disinfection work is also very simple.

No matter how big your family is, once you use disinfecting wipes, you’ll love it. Wherever it gets dirty, just take out the wipes and you can clean your home.

Finally, the most important thing in household disinfection work is to have enough knowledge about disinfection, such as which method can really kill the virus, and disinfection requires several bactericidal components, because if the general virus is not killed once, it may become Super virus, it is easier to get sick then. While it is convenient to use disinfectant wipes, it is also to prevent illness, prevent infection, etc., so as to truly avoid getting sick.

How about the application of hypochlorous acid disinfectant in the catering industry?

In the disinfection and sterilization problem of the catering industry, the use of hypochlorite disinfectant is a good solution. Hypochlorite disinfectants can kill food efficiently and comprehensively without damaging food. Therefore, hypochlorite disinfectants can effectively protect food safety, and play a very important role in disinfection and sterilization in food production, transportation, fruit and vegetable cleaning and other processes.

For the catering industry, the first point is the outer packaging of the ingredients and the appearance of the ingredients, such as raw meat, fresh, fruits and vegetables. The second point is the production of kitchen kitchen, such as: fish table, meat cutting board, kitchen utensils, etc.

In addition to the use of hypochlorous acid disinfectant for self-disinfection by procurement-related personnel and kitchen-related personnel, the above two points should be fully disinfected with hypochlorous acid disinfectant, which can effectively ensure the freshness and safety of food raw materials, and is not afraid of fire caused by fire in the kitchen stove.

Post time: Jan-18-2022