10 best cleansing towels for quick cleansing of the face

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If you have been using old-fashioned towels or disposable makeup wipes to remove makeup, then you have missed the magic of makeup removers. Some gadgets look fancy, but these textiles are the real deal, and many professional makeup artists swear that they can remove the entire face of the product or as a pre-cleaning step at any time of the day. “The makeup remover towel is a chemical-free, soap- and oil-free makeup remover option,” said Melissa Hurkman, a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles. “They are usually soft polyester materials with longer fibers, which help remove stubborn waterproof makeup.”
Essentially, these slender fibers work together like magnets. Once these fibers are wetted by water, they will rub against the pores of the skin and absorb dirt, oil and cosmetics. For best results, Hurkman recommends dampening the towel with warm water, rinsing it off, and then gently rubbing the face in circular motions to remove any remaining buildup. “When dealing with heavy eyeshadow or waterproof mascara, press the towel on the eyes for about 10 seconds,” Heckman suggests. “This will heat up the area to help the fiber break down the product more efficiently.”
In addition to being more environmentally friendly and cost-effective over time because they are not disposable, makeup remover towels generally perform better than beauty wipes or standard towels. “It will give you a better cleaning than makeup wipes because the suction it generates can draw makeup from the skin instead of moving around and only wiping off some,” said Cara Lovello, a makeup artist in New Jersey. artist.
In other words, you must maintain the towel to keep it in its best condition. Hurkman recommends to rinse the towel thoroughly after each use, and then let it air dry thoroughly. It is also important to wash it by hand or throw it in the laundry room (without fabric softener or detergent formulations containing heavy oils!) every two to four uses. In this way, your towel will not become a petri dish for bacteria.
So, who can benefit from makeup remover towels? Almost everyone who puts on makeup and is afraid to remove makeup for a long time can do it. Some people even think that acne-prone and sensitive skin types respond particularly well to this makeup removal method, because towels do not contain additional potentially abrasive chemicals or oils like other makeup removers.
Yes, you must invest in advance, but these towels can be used for several years with proper maintenance. Even better, they can save you time and energy when cleaning your face, so you can sleep peacefully or start a new day. These 10 super soft choices will make you believe in makeup remover towels.
Hurkman swears to use Face Halo to remove makeup and pre-cleanse the skin, so please consider using these three round pads as your makeup remover starter pack. They can be used with the cleaner of your choice to improve efficacy, and the size is also very travel-friendly.
The Eco-Market Grove Collaborative has a gray polyester style, which is cylindrical. You can hold it in your hand almost like a glove when you wipe your forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips and chin. Several critics commented that with this cloth, the irritation of washing their face with facial tissues or cotton pads is a thing of the past.
The details are important, even the makeup remover towel. This groundbreaking textile is Lovello’s first choice. Its advantage is that it is double-sided and provides maximum removal. The short-staple fiber side can loosen makeup when used in a circular fashion, while the long-staple side can absorb dirt and gently exfoliate.
If you wear makeup every day, Hurkman recommends that you have at least two towels on hand so that you can wash alternately. This pair of products from Ulta will help you get rid of makeup wipes once and for all. Each grey microfiber towel is 7 inches square, perfect for putting in a gym bag. You will also like the convenient hanging loop, which makes air drying between uses a breeze.
If you want a harder, smarter towel, while still looking and feeling super luxurious, then Resore’s splurge-worthy suit is your best choice. These fluffy almond-colored towels are made of a blend of high-quality fibers and medically graded fibers. They have antibacterial properties and can fight acne-causing bacteria that may be hidden in linen.
For mascara and other eye makeup removers, this extra-large round pad is unmatched and is perfect for swiping the orbital area. The round shape is also suitable for applying toner. Because it is larger than most cushions on the market, you can also use this puff on your body.
In addition to being simple and cute-whether you like eyelash embroidery or a brazen “dyeing” design-this set of Weezie makeup towels are navy blue, which means they will camouflage any lingering between washes Mascara or eyeliner stains. They are made of 100% organic long-staple cotton from Portugal, which is durable and hypoallergenic.
According to Hurkman, make-up towels are also great for removing stubborn clay masks. Kitsch’s duo is particularly suitable for this situation because of their dark color and good size. First soak a towel in warm water, then rub it on your skin, ready to get your favorite mask or cream to be absorbed to the maximum. Then wipe off the product with a second towel to wipe off any residue it left behind.
If you are looking for a real budget solution, try Amazon’s four-pack microfiber clothes. You can assign different colors to different things or times of the day-pink for morning, black for evening, blue for travel, and so on.
Cotton cloth is another good choice for makeup remover because it can exfoliate keratin very well and gently, even without the product. After running under fairly warm water, gently sweep the organic ultra-thin cotton version of Pai across your face to remove anything you applied that day. Just don’t scrub or apply pressure, it will damage your dermis.

Post time: Oct-31-2021